Ben Fraser

Senior Web Developer

If you think our websites look really great, it's because they've been designed by Ben. He's the one responsible for the 'user interface' design of Good Things Foundation's websites and applications - that's the bits that you see! He also writes code - specialising in CSS and JavaScript to name a few - and works with the people who use our websites to make sure they do everything we need.

In his free time Ben loves to cook and eat food, especially with his family whom he loves spending time with. Not one to shy away from adventure, he also enjoys bouldering - a type of rock climbing performed without ropes or harnesses. Ever heard of the DJ, Sabretooth? That's Ben! Not only can he write code, he also writes underground electronic music and DJs at club nights around Europe.

Ben says...
"Technology gives me the tools to express myself creatively; when I make music or visual designs, I can share the results with the world! It also means that any piece of information is only a fews clicks away."

Outside of work, Tom can usually be found playing or listening to music of some description (he's not fussy). He plays both...