Anne Faulkner

Associate Director for Policy

Anne provides expert advice on the process of preparing and submitting bids for the funding and programmes that allow us to make good things happen.

In addition, she provides invaluable guidance, advice and support on matters of policy and strategy. Anne is also a Trustee of the Lorna Young Foundation, a developing charity which works with smallholders in Africa and disadvantaged young people in the UK to support ethical entrepreneurship.

Anne says... “I've known a number of people over the years who've sadly lost their battle with pancreatic cancer. I'm incredibly inspired by Jack Andraka, a 15 year old who used the internet to devise a new test to detect pancreatic cancer, with the potential to save millions of lives. I love technology because of its potential to make both huge breakthroughs, like Jack's, and smaller breakthroughs which change people's lives for the better.”

As a curriculum developer, Laura reviews and grows our learning offer to keep it up to date and relevant for learners.