Éilis Kinsella

Service Design Intern

Éilis works within the Service Design team to ensure that the users are always involved in our projects, using research and co-design to make our services as easy to access as possible. Éilis loves to spend time with the people who will use the service or products and truly understand what they see through their eyes. She believes that when you take the time as a designer to understand the background and behaviours of people, you can begin to design services that will truly help them.

Eilis says... “Good Things Foundation provides education to the areas of society who have the least access to learning resources locally, for free. The organisation reaches out to communities and supports them where they are, rather than waiting for users of their resources to find them. Reaching out into the community is an invaluable way to provide education and they are changing the lives of people who may have never had the opportunity for learning and development otherwise.”

Being a naturally supportive person, Vanessa is always keen to help where she can, making this her ideal role.