Learning for Work Award

The Learning for Work Award was designed for people who have gained new digital skills for work - whether that was learning how to apply for jobs online, updating CVs, or improving workplace skills.

Runner-up - Jenny Bayliss

jenny-bayliss1.pngAfter losing her husband very suddenly, Jenny threw herself into her job hunt. She didn’t have much experience of computers but the judges were incredibly impressed at her thirst for knowledge. 

Now Jenny is the receptionist at Citizens Advice East Staffordshire where she did her learning, and she runs several of their Learn My Way sessions - passing on what she’s learned to others. 

Citizens Advice - who do so much to support local people like Jenny - describe her as an asset, who’s helping them build a rapport with both clients and local partners. So I’d like to welcome Jenny up to receive her certificate. 



Winner - Tasweer Bi

tasweer-bi.pngTasweer impressed the judges by her sheer tenacity. Despite a language barrier, family restrictions and struggling with her own confidence, she has been absolutely determined to get to work, and to be a part of her community. 

That independence, in her own words, is like ‘being free’. 

Tasweer learnt these skills in her local Online Centre - Goal Saltley, based in Birmingham.

Goal Saltley is an amazing centre and has been a flagship in delivering our English My Way programme. They’ve helped hundreds of people get to grips with English alongside digital skills, reaching out to different communities and bringing them together.