Learning for Health Award

The Learning for Health Award aimed to find people who have used the internet to help them manage their health and wellbeing. We know that digital health skills can help people find information and make important connections, as the people in this category prove.

Runner-up - Bob Dunkerley

bob-dunkerley_2.pngBob Dunkerley actually suffered a stroke during his computer class at the Starting Point Online Centre in Stockport - but he hasn’t let it put him off! 

He was determined to get back to his classes, and he’s used his new digital skills to understand his condition and treatment. He’s even got the whole centre fundraising for the Stroke Association, with the tutors there describing him as a role model to others. 

He’s become part of the Starting Point family, a centre which excels in creating those magical relationships where learning and progress can happen. 


Runner-up - Marita Sherwood

marita-sherwood.pngMarita’s new digital skills have helped her get on top of her fibromyalgia, a chronic fatigue disorder. As a result the whole family is eating better and working better as a unit. Digital skills have also helped Marita get the ADHD support her son needed, and helped the family understand and cope with their eldest daughter’s cancer diagnosis last year. 

“Without the internet”, Marita told us, “we’d have been in the dark - and everything would have been a lot scarier.”


Winner - Bertram Henry



Ten years ago, Bertram suffered a breakdown. But learning and volunteering as a Digital Champion at his local online centre First Asian Training at Longsight Library have been key to his recovery. 


“The more active I am,” he says, ‘the happier I’ve become”. Now Bertram runs basic computer workshops of his own, and his learners love him. He’s even got a part time job.